raised or elevated, as in rank or character; of high station: 

noble or elevated; lofty:

rapturously excited.


A world where God’s name is made famous through arts and entertainment.


Exalted Arts revolutionizes the culture of arts and entertainment through original performing, visual and media arts, while establishing a global reputation as a professional production company that inspires, uplifts, and transforms lives.


Exalted Arts’ administrative office is located at MATCH (Midtown Arts & Theatre Center Houston), 3400 Main Street, Ste. #8, Houston, Texas 77002


Exalted Arts was created as an expression of love for God, for people, and out of its passion for the performing, visual and media arts. It is borne out of an observation of an entertainment industry filled with a lust for violence, an uncanny regard for the occult and a saturation of over-sexualized themes. You are invited to join Exalted Arts in its quest to revolutionize the culture of arts and entertainment.

It’s time for something different. Wouldn’t you agree?


Cynthia Garcia
Executive and Artistic Director